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Personal development

"Aristotle is quoted as saying that we humans can only be really happy if we'll make a good human life, + develop our ability and personality, as well as creating room for independent thinking."


Be who you are - raising awareness through personal development

Conscious Enlightenment will support you in your personal development and includes both the intellect, heart and soul. Conscious Enlightenment supports those seeking fulfillment in their life and who long for personal growth.

We turn to you who are interested in important questions of life and personal development. To you who strive for balance and a well functioning life. With our support and experience, you learn how to actively take responsibility for your life and make choices that are in line with what you really want. You get tools to improve both your personal and working relationships and increase your knowledge on issues concerning life's meaning and purpose. Based on an understanding of your own importance in the world and all the potential you possess, you can easily choose the approach that expresses who you are.

It's about you and your development and is based on an experiential learning inside and out. The emphasis is on meeting yourself and your surroundings, thus increasing your own awareness.

By theoretical models and in particular by many practical exercises, you learn to understand your own life experiences and the patterns they have created. Then you can move forward and no longer need to let them stand in the way of your continuing development. You work with your own personal development both individually and with your surroundings.


Time for reflection

We work with the development of your own will.
Many of our problems stem from our current social and human situation. We are working to understand how we relate in our relationships. We practice at communicating and working on how we can get a better understanding of our fellow human beings.

We explore the particular purpose of our lives.
Personal development is to provide you with tools and insights that let you better understand yourself and others.



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