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Education for today's and tomorrow's leaders

Theories are all very well - but how do you do?
In leadership, you will meet many different situations where you need access to good tools. But that's not enough just to have a fully stocked toolbox. You also need to use your tools and feel confident that they work, and go hand in hand with the person you are.

This course gives you the opportunity to become safer and more secure. Your employees will get more involved and the work, that all development and change requires, will be more fun and efficient. Conscious Enlightenment offers you a hands-on training in various management tools.


Develop the ability to:

  • Set and achieve objectives and goals
  • Communicate clearly
  • Listen better
  • Act with confidence and caution in tough situations
  • Dare to take hold of sensitive situations


In work with people, you are the main focus. Therefore we start with yourself. We work jointly with the participants' life and work situation, their own stress levels and the tools we have to deal with in different situations in leadership.

Practice makes perfect

The various sessions are about communication, self-esteem, responsibility and courage. To be able to work on yourself, it is best to be grounded and relaxed. Therefore, we work with the whole person - with our minds, with what the intellect conveys and what the body expresses. We also provide situations where the student can practice the various tools in as realistic environment as is possible.

We look to their own goals and goal images, practicing communication and listening and learn to understand body language - both their own and others.


After training, the students have access to more tools for good leadership and are able to use them in a safe and secure manner.