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Conscious Enlightenment offers services that allow you to highlight and develop your own innate leadership skills. The basis of good leadership is to constantly raise awareness of how one is as a person - leader and how their behavior affects others and ourselves.

The art of leading with the motivation and commitment, and get everyone to go the same direction is positive for society. But it has not always made it easier to run a company. The fact that everyone should have the right to say what they think is an asset to the strong and secure business lines. But it is also important to dare to take the lead and clearly map out the route.

Conscious Enlightenment works with managerial and leadership support, individually and in groups. We are doing different surveys and following up with various tailored interventions. For optimal results, we are working on several levels: individual, group, managerial / leadership level and organizational level. The overall perspective is a cornerstone for us at the Conscious Enlightenment. With this we can deduce how the company works in several stages and help turn about a company that has of inveterate habit stuck in a rut. It is not always the problem that is a barrier, but the inability to see the possibilities.

As a consultant, I have a neutral distance, which makes it easier to see where changes can be made. Conscious Enlightenment sees the development potential of our customers and helps develop further what is already good.

It's about possibilities. The ability to develop an open and exploratory work atmosphere. The ability to build an energetic leadership. The art of running an organization that creates positive experiences. Basically it is a matter of putting words into action and start the good spiral. Precisely because it requires constructive innovators who break ground, and provides support in leadership development.

In that role, we at Conscious Enlightenment thrive best. We offer not only knowledge and experience in a unique combination. With wisdom, humor, empathy and joy, we give nourishment to the positive spiral. Conscious Enlightenment turns about business and offers a tailor-qualified consulting support to organizations that want to develop the ability to act in senior management.

Conscious Enlightenment provides new opportunities for leadership and employee to be more energetic and successful and, ultimately, an organization that creates positive experiences and become a healthier, more efficient and a more attractive place to work in.

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