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Mindfulness (Conscious presence) is to train the ability to consciously live in the present and create balance in life. Using mindfulness one can develop self-awareness and learn to manage stress.


Mindfulness training can help:

• To be more attentive in the present moment without judging what I experience

• To be more aware of my thoughts

• To be more aware of my feelings

• have more awareness of my bodily functions and sensations

• To be more aware of what is going on around me through my senses

• Reduces my stress (negative)

• To be more compassionate and loving to myself

• With the ability to "recharge batteries" even if there is pressure

• Create a sense of having more "control" over our lives

• Develop emotional intelligence

• Improve quality of life and better health

• Increase "empowerment" - the ability to take responsibility

Advancement of mindfulness ...

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