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Meeting place - Conscious Enlightenment

We offer a place for reflection and exchange of experiences that will provide incentives for the inspiration for life and work. Both individually and in groups, you get the opportunity to meet in an inspiring environment to talk about life as a person and leader. The purpose is to exchange ideas about perspectives and issues, often existential in nature, to increase self-knowledge, practical tools and a valuable network of contacts.

You get new knowledge and share expertise and life experience. The approach is openness inward and outward secrecy to feel confident. In parts of the meetings we can specially invite people to attend in order to further contribute to the discussions. We welcome you to participate in a network under our leadership.

In the venue - Conscious Enlightenment, we meet and work on areas that you feel a need to confront in your professional and personal life, which can be:

  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Self-awareness as a base for meeting with other
  • Staff strategies and management change
  • To meet, talk to each other in difficult and / or unusual themes
  • Power-moral-ethical
  • Job satisfaction
  • Personal motivations
  • The content of Silence