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Personlig Coaching

To have the courage to face oneself
"You have to have the courage to be who you are and not to lose heart because you are who you are."
The big challenge for everyone is to take the time and courage to face oneself. To be aware of what I do, how I do it and who I am. Then take responsibility for what I want to do and how I want to be; leading to more understanding and conscious choices in different situations.

It is as simple as it is difficult. By becoming aware of your needs and reactions you can see when you for example go into a defensive position or when you are solving situations in a more constructive way.

The aim is not for us to be perfect. The aim is to be what we are. So much more than a perfect surface, namely, a genuine human being. Why practice characteristics that we already know so well, why not try something new, consider what you're not used to, go outside the security framework and grow. What could be more important than this?

To take responsibility for your life and thus your leadership. To take responsibility means to respond to the surrounding condition and to what happens inside. "If I decide to take control in my life, something terrible happens!: I have no one else to blame."

The power to change, the power to lead. We are all leaders of ourselves. We can not change others, let alone order a change. We only have the power to change ourselves. A fully possible change, but hard. Here can Conscious Enlightenment provide assistance and coaching. We coach by asking questions and to show different perspectives.

We all have our own solutions and answers within us, we can help and shed light on and ask questions from multiple perspectives so that our vision becomes wider and more open. We can view the personal resources and thus support the development in those areas we find, and highlight the ones that the person himself does not see.

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