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Stress management

To keep many balls in the air may seem clever, but to do it for a long time can lead to fatigue. Stress reactions are normal and gives us the ability to act as needed to adapt to constant change. If you live constantly under stress, your health will be affected.

Today we feel that time is short and goes faster. We live in an ever changing world, where we are constantly expected to change and cope with new situations and are given more and more issues to consider. There are ways to prevent stress-related illness and it is possible to prepare the way back for people already affected by stress-related breakdowns.



Balance is key in life. Without it we can neither stand or walk. Balance is also key in terms of stress management. It is possible to live with stress as long as we keep the balance between copeing our inner resources and internal and external requirements. If we cannot cope with this we put ourselves in the riskzone. Stress-related illness affects not only the individual. It affects work, family, friends, family and society.

Those of us who deal with stress can see daily how people are no longer able to put a car into gear, let alone find their way back home. When the brain is overheating it disrupts the entire mechanism. Symptoms start with decreased energy, concentration and memory disorders, and lower sense of initiative.

The victim is undergoing a personality change. Pain in the body, light and noise sensitivity, sleep problems, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, a decreased happiness and reduced social skills, etc. are other symptoms. A step in the chain to prevent stress disorders is getting to know oneself and the boundaries of ones own abilities. And to also learn to set boundaries.

Back to the natural

It is unnatural to live on the stress level as we do today. Life should be wholesome and good. On the way back to a quality life, it is important to change the fight for pleasure.
When you contact us, you are taking the first step on the road back to a human life where you and your environment can have more energy, joy and peace of mind.

Our stress management programs tailored to working closely with our customers. We work with preventive programs such as counseling, mentoring and coaching. Training for longer or shorter period of time are some examples of our services.

You are welcome to contact us with questions and concerns.

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Training in stress management with Mindfulness Training

Are you stressed?
Want to find more joy in life?
Do you feel that everyone is pulling on you from different directions?
Are you tired of being always on hand for others and want to start living your life?
Have you had enough of treating symptoms after symptoms and want to find the key to health and a life in balance?
Do you want to be more present in your relationships?

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