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Mindfulness originates from the thousands of years old meditation, tradition of Zen Buddhism. During the 1970's, having been stripped of religion, Mindfulness began to be used in stress-reducing programs in the US, with very good results. In the 2000's the method arrived in earnest to Scandinavia and intensive research began on its effects.

There have been various attempts to translate Mindfulness into Swedish. The most widely used translation is "medveten närvaro". It means simply to train up the ability to live in the present. Much of our stress today is caused by our reworking  things that happened yesterday or things that maybe will happen tomorrow. We are constantly on the go and often loose what is happening here and now. We train together, both in our approach and practical exercises.  Much focus is put into training up our attention through breathing.

Practicing Mindfulness requires regular contribution - there will not be much of an  impact from just single exercises. As with any other exercise! To help, you can use CDs with instructions and there is an advantage to having access to a supervisor / instructor.

Research has shown many positive effects of mindfulness:

    •Reduced stress

    •Reduced pain

    •Reduced depression / anxiety

    •Increased attention span

    •Stronger immune system

    •Improved sleep

    •Improved quality of life

Research has also shown that the diligent practitioner may achieve a measurable shift in brain activity from the part of the brain that registers anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and stress to the part that registers happiness, peace and wellbeing.


Advancement of mindfulness ...

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